How it works

RemoteSwitch, Remote Switch, GSM Based Light Controller, CCMS Central Control Monitoring System, LED Lights with CCMS, LED Lights remote controller

  • Connect RemoteSwitch device to street light switch to operate single pole or multiple poles
  • Insert SIM card having SMS balance
  • Register the device on our portal
  • Mark local details for the device on portal
  • Start operations from portal or schedule routing tasks
  • Works well at any remote location with just SMS access to device
  • No need to data / internet plan
  • Designed to operate with low cost
  • Faster ROI due instant savings to electricity bill

Status OF Lights/Electrical Device

  • Web Portal
    • Access to tracking platform software
    • Dash board of all Devices status
    • Live view, Summary view, History view
    • User can operate (ON/OFF) lights at any time
    • Users can add Schedules to turn ON / OFF timings by date range and days in a week
    • User can turn ON/OFF few Lights at Midnight by using web portal
    • Configure Email id and Mobile number for getting alerts
    • Review performance reports on current and historical dates
    • Reports such as Light ON/OFF, Power Status, and History reports etc.
    • Check the status of All Lights under user through single login.
    • Option to download the report data into Excel or PDF
    • Many more features…
  • Mobile App 
    • Install mobile APP on smart phone
    • No Need of internet to operate
    • Current status of Lights and Power
    • Operate (ON/OFF) lights at any time
    • Add Schedules to turn ON / OFF timings by date range and days in a week
    • Easy to use app