RemoteSwitch, Remote Switch, GSM Based Light Controller, CCMS Central Control Monitoring System, LED Lights with CCMS, LED Lights remote controller

RemoteSwitch.in offers a solution to operate any electrical device through any mobile phone or through online portal. It is designed to operate any electrical device remotely using few simple clicks. Solution uses simple GSM SIM in a device that is connected to electrical device.

Excellent solution to operate multiple devices and useful to operate from any part of the world.

Application areas:

  • Street Lights
  • Motor Pumps
  • Air Conditioners
  • Advertisement sign boards

You can operate any electrically operated device that is installed remotely and difficult to reach in time. Portal comes with many cool features to automate the operations.

  • Operate with your own mobile with simple SMS messages
  • Operate with Android/iOS App
  • Operate with online portal
  • Schedule turn ON / OFF timings by date range and days in a week
  • See all the devices on Google Map
  • Know power status at remote location on Google Map
  • Automatic SMS and Email alerts on daily summary, exceptions etc.